Exhibition Black White Grey: the Dutch Police during the Second World War

Exhibition - 14 April until 4 November 2018

On Saturday the 14th of April the exhibition ‘Black White Grey: The Dutch Police During the Second World War’ will open for public at PIT Veiligheidsmuseum (PIT Safety Museum) in Almere. The exhibition will run until the 4th of November 2018.

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Black White Grey: the Dutch Police during the Second World War

When Nazi Germany occupied the Netherlands in May 1940, the Dutch police force found itself in a tricky situation. On the one hand they had to implement the Nazi German decrees, while on the other hand they had a duty to protect the Dutch population. There was a huge grey area between collaborating with Nazi Germany (black) and actively resisting Nazi Germany (white). How did the Dutch police deal with the increasing oppression?

The exhibition uses objects, documents, photos, video’s and personal stories to present a nuanced impression of the Dutch police during the Second World War. In video-interviews the Dutch police of 2018 will give reactions on the exhibition and they give examples of their own dilemmas they are facing now. The objects on display come from the National Police Collection of the Netherlands and the Kalf Collection. The exhibition is sponsored by the vfonds, which supports the recognition and appreciation of uniformed personnel serving the Dutch state all across the world.  

The exhibition will run from 14 April until 4 November 2018 at PIT Veiligheidsmuseum in Almere.

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